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Quieten your inner critic, rediscover your inner badass, and build a successful, freedom-filled life and business you love


Hi, I'm Hannah, Inner Critic Coach. I help ambitious-but-anxious women - and especially freedom-seeking, female entrepreneurs - like you change your inner critic into your inner coach - or, as I like to say, transform her from inner b*tch to inner badass! - so you can disrupt that self-sabotaging pattern, get sh*t DONE, and build a thriving, freedom-filled business + life you love.


noun informal /ˈbæd.æs/

A female entrepreneur who knows and loves who she is, stands up for what she believes in, is laser-focused on her mission - and has the unshakeable calm, confidence, clarity and courage she needs to make it an incredible success

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A six-week bootcamp plus six months of ongoing support.


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Hi, I’m Hannah - Inner Critic Coach.

I’m a coffee-, chocolate- sunshine- and #vanlife-obsessed, lemon-gin-drinking E/INFP (yes, I can be both extroverted and introverted almost at the same time...!) based in London, UK.

I also happen to be a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and female entrepreneur, and founder of the online mindfulness community for ambitious-but-anxious women, Breathe Like A Badass.

I'm an Inner Critic Coach because learning how to quieten, question + calm my inner critic literally saved + TRANSFORMED my ENTIRE life + career.

That's why it's now my mission to help ambitious-but-anxious women like you change your inner critic into your inner coach - or, as I like to say, transform her from inner b*tch to inner badass! - so you can disrupt that self-sabotaging pattern, get sh*t DONE, and build a thriving, freedom-filled business + life you love.

If that sounds good to you - let's chat! 


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Meditation is not only for “other people”.

Calm people. People with loads of money or time, Buddhists, spiritual seekers, people with no ambition, vegans, “hippies” or people who talk about crystals and chakras.
It's for everyone - especially ambitious, anxious, high-achieving, women like you - even if you've tried and "failed" to meditate before.
That’s where I come in. It’s my mission that no female entrepreneur stays anxious, fearful and stuck in “not feeling good enough” and - through meditation - rediscovers her inner badass to build a life and business she absolutely loves.

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"I was quite nervous before our call, but Hannah's friendly manner put me at ease straight away. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to help shone through. Discussing personal issues can be difficult, but I found Hannah really easy to talk to. Thank you!"

Helen, 27
Leeds, UK

"Hannah really helped clear the weeds about what's going on in my mind, and now I have the tools to move forward! My track was full of clarity prompts that I really needed, and it was a deep dive into my specific situation."

Tegan, 32
Edinburgh, UK

"The course was so helpful, and so many of the exercises really spoke to me and helped me figure out years-old patterns and long-held beliefs. Thank you for your energy and insights, and incredible knowledge...and for being so kind, too."

Clara, 34
Portland OR, USA

"I knew I needed meditation in my life, but this forced me to get clarity around my intentions, and set up a daily schedule and reward system that worked for me. I'm now comfortable with meditation, but I never would have gotten there without this. Thank you!"

Amanda, 33
Los Angeles, USA

"There is a serious need for this. I know quite a few people who use apps like Headspace but haven’t managed to get anywhere near this level of engagement. I actually felt like I was making progress and was getting real answers. "

Rosie, 34
East Croydon, UK

"I surrendered to the situation, and was surprised by how much I enjoy the practice. It feels like a total body and brain massage when you're done. Thank you, Hannah, for making it easy to add to my daily routine. I found myself WANTING to do it everyday because of the amazing results I've already seen."

Melissa, 45
Orange County, USA

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