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What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice, which - long story short - uses simple breathing to live more in the moment, focus on the present, and actually ENJOY life, rather than just enduring it.

Brought to the West in the 1970s, it has since been scientifically proven to help improve stress, anxiety, self-compassion & self-esteem and allow you to put space between your mind and your constant negative thoughts.

Personally - it totally changed my life. I went from wasting time feeling desperate, lonely, fat, confused, not-good-enough and depressed, to actually feeling hopeful, confident, positive, loved, sexy, and excited to finally ENJOY my damn life!

How can meditation help me?

Meditation was traditionally practiced by Buddhist monks, but now, you can't move for super-successful non-monks who swear by it. There's a reason for that.

Meditation isn't reserved for the spiritual or woo-woo anymore.

It's a simple, totally-accessible method to stop stressing about what everyone else thinks or worrying about your next meeting, and actually relax, live in the moment, get better relationships, feel good enough, love your body, sleep better, boost your self-esteem and confidence, and get finally clarity on your life!

If you want any of that, then meditation can help you.

What's different about this meditation?

My meditation is different because it's 100% personalised to you, and exactly what you need for YOUR life, so you get the absolute most from it, forever.

If you just want to learn the basic meditation technique, then there are a billion free YouTube videos and smartphone apps already out there. Knock yourself out.

BUT - if you want to learn that AND reach your specific goals AND get tailored support on your specific situation AND get follow-up help AND ask questions when it doesn't seem to be working AND learn how to actually stick to it for LIFE, that's where I come in. Hi!


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What My Clients Say

"I was quite nervous before our call, but Hannah's friendly manner put me at ease straight away. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to help shone through. Discussing relationship history can be quite difficult, but I found Hannah really easy to talk to. Thank you!"

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HELEN 27, Newcastle

"Hannah is so lit up. She is so excited, passionate and happy in her work, and it shows."

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ALICE 32, Ealing

"Hannah offers raw honesty, and I'm full of admiration for her."

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"Hannah is such a vibrant and kind person you can’t help but find yourself opening up to her when you’re stressed and have an issue you want to work out. She’s a great listener and empathetic, yet no-nonsense in her advice. I would definitely recommend turning to Hannah when you’re feeling low."


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