Do you ever wonder why some ambitious, female entrepreneurs seem to skyrocket above the rest, while others stay stuck, broke, and burned out? 

Despite what it may look like, their success does not come from the outside. It comes from within. It’s in the way they talk to themselves, the voice inside their own heads, and the way their brains are wired - LITERALLY.

Because success is an inside job. Sadly, all the strategy, courses, money, coaching, and hard work won’t get you anywhere unless you sort your mindset out first, and literally rewire your brain for self-belief, focus, and success.

That’s where meditation comes in.


Let’s be real - starting (or scaling) your own business can feel like a total mindf*ck.


ESPECIALLY if you’re an ambitious, high-achieving, overthinking, prone-to-anxiety female wannabe entrepreneur.

There are a million and one strategies out there, and you can barely move for people telling you how to make six figures in ten seconds using THEIR proven method.

Before you know it, you’re lost in freebies, strategies, ideas, suggestions, launch methods, tech issues and problems - and you’re totally doubting yourself before you’ve even begun (oh, and you haven’t even made a single penny).

Been there, my friend (and got the eleventy-seven, coffee-stained T-shirts to prove it).

For an ambitious person, who is prone towards anxiety and overthinking’s a total sh*tshow.


You spend weeks, months - years, even - paralysed in fear, confusion, indecision, self-doubt and overwhelm - with your b*tchy inner critic telling you that you really ARE a failure.

You spend more time agonising that maybe this all really WAS just a stupid idea, and maybe you SHOULD just give up and get another 9 to 5 job - than you do actually building the freedom-filled business and life you dreamed so hard about.

You keep trying to do everything right, but you just get more and more stuck. You start to think maybe it’s you. Maybe you do suck. Maybe you just can’t do this. Maybe everyone else has got what it takes, but not you. 

Maybe your inner critic is right. Maybe you’re not good enough, and you never will be. Maybe you will just have to go back and get a 9-to-5 job, give it all up, and prove all those doubters and naysayers right.

But here’s the “secret”. Hate to break it to ya, but THERE IS NO “one right way” to do this thing. There is no “right answer”! The solution is not hiding in the next six-figure launch-method PDF or cheat sheet or webinar or course.

I know, because that person I just described up there was me, three years ago (or 11 years ago, depending on how far back ya wanna go - read my full story here).

That’s why I know you do not need another business course or six-figure strategy (at least, not until you fix your inner mindset first). 

What you need is the calm, clarity, inner mental stillness and self-belief to rediscover what you already know.

Which is that you ALREADY HAVE everything you need within you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams (even if you don’t believe me right now).

I know that, because - at my absolute lowest point, when I was considering jumping in front of buses - I discovered meditation. Not to be dramatic, but it saved my life.

Suddenly, there was a tiny flicker of hope. Meditation, as far as I could see, said that it was OK to be me. That my dreams were valid and real and possible.

Instead of constantly working harder, I could just BE me. As I was, already. I could find the stillness and clarity I needed to be successful, in my own way.

Suddenly, I knew that it was OK to stop, breathe for a minute, question all my negative thoughts. I could run my own business the way I wanted, and design my life with clarity and confidence, without working all the hours to prove I was good enough to exist.

That's why I now know that meditation can be seriously transformational for everyone - especially ambitious-yet-anxious, entrepreneurial women like you and me!

Because, to quote the brilliant author, Jen Sincero: “You are a badass."

You started your business for a reason, didn’t you?! Remember that?!

You are not only a badass, you are a BUSINESS badass, and you have a message to SHARE with the world! You want to help people, and you ARE good enough.

IMAGINE how many people you could help.

IMAGINE starting your day feeling calm. creative, inspired, and focused.

IMAGINE how much you could do, how much life-changing money you could make, and how GREAT it would feel, if only you could believe in yourself and get out your own way enough to actually DO IT?

But you can’t do that if you don’t sort your mind out first. Entrepreneurship is an inside job.

SADLY, you can't think your way out of overthinking. 

But, GOOD NEWS - you are not broken. This isn't about "fixing you" or giving you the "secret missing piece" you need to solve some elusive business puzzle. 

It's about learning how to tune in and rediscover what you ALREADY KNOW, underneath all the self-doubt and anxiety and "busyness" and distraction getting in your way.

BECAUSE - deep down, underneath all that -  you know exactly who you are and what you want and need to do.

You just need to get back in touch with your inner badass - who is, right now, applying her hot pink lipstick, raising a G&T to your success, and waiting for you to let her out!

Meditation is how I teach women like you how to channel your inner badass (even if you think meditation "doesn't work for you", you "can't do it" or "you're not the kind of person who meditates").

Meditation isn't magic - it's better than that!

It's provable, real-world science! It's been proven (see here and here) to reduce anxiety, stress, depression and overwhelm - and improve focus, clarity, productivity, creativity, and self-belief.

Long story short, it makes you happier, healthier, and more successful - and it only takes 10-20 minutes a day.

There's a reason that everyone from Oprah, Glennon Doyle, Jennifer Lopez, Arianna Huffington, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Gillian Anderson and Carrie Green all say they meditate. Coincidence? Nope.

And you don’t have to start chanting, reciting affirmations, burning sage, holding crystals, sitting in lotus position, or giving a sh*t about chakras to do it, I promise (unless you really want to).

Making meditation part of your daily routine is not just another thing on your to-do list. It actually helps you smash your to-do list! It's like having your own personal business coach - but in your own mind! 


Think of it as a quick workout, a green smoothie or a strong shot of coffee - but for your mind. It keeps you healthy, happy, alert, focused, and sets you up for the day.


It’s about shutting out all the noise, distraction, and BS, and getting back in touch with the badass business owner you were always meant to be...before everyone else told you what you “should” be.


The real question is: If you DON’T learn to overcome your self-doubt, cut through the overwhelm, quieten your negative inner critic, calm your racing mind, sleep better, and beat burnout...


...Then how in the hell are you ever gonna build a badass business you truly love at all?

If you’re ready to quieten your inner critic, beat overwhelm, self-doubt and overthinking - so you can get the calm, clarity, and self-belief you need to build a freedom-filled, successful and fulfilling life and business you love…


You're in the right place.



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