Hi, I'm Hannah! Not to be dramatic, but meditation saved my life.

That's why it's now my mission to help all ambitious-but-anxious women (especially female entrepreneurs) to use down-to-earth meditation to rediscover their inner badass and get the self-belief and focus they need to build successful, freedom-filled lives and businesses they love.

I also happen to be a coffee-obsessed, chocolate-eating, sunshine-chasing, #tinyhouse-loving, lemon-gin-drinking, Pusheen-collecting, E/INFP, trained meditation teacher and female entrepreneur based in London. Hi!



Hi, I'm Hannah!

Not to be dramatic, but meditation saved my life.

Now, I believe that all female entrepreneurs deserve to rediscover their inner badass, get out of their own way, and build successful, freedom-filled and truly fulfilling lives and businesses they love.


I also happen to be a coffee-obsessed, chocolate-eating, sunshine-chasing, #tinyhouse-loving, lemon-gin-drinking E/INFP, trained meditation teacher and female entrepreneur based in London. 


My mission

That no female entrepreneur should stay anxious, fearful and stuck in “not feeling good enough” and - through meditation - rediscovers her inner badass to build a life and business she loves.

Meditation is for everyone! Not only for “other people”, calm people, people with loads of money or time, Buddhists, spiritual seekers, people with no ambition, vegans, “hippies” or people who believe in chakras. It can help everyone - especially ambitious, anxious women like you - if you want it to. That’s where I come in.

My promise

I will ensure you build your own personal emotional toolbox of meditation techniques - based on down-to-earth, scientifically-proven methods - that you will be able to call upon and use over and over again, at all stages of your future business and life whenever you need them.

Plus, if you join my VIP membership or my page on Instagram, you will also have the support of an incredible community of like minded women who “get” you, your goals, and business ambition.

The Breathe Like A Badass Values

  • You are enough, no matter what you do or do not achieve
  • You are not broken, and you do not need "fixing"
  • You are not your work, and are not defined by your external success or how many hours you work
  • The way your life feels on the inside is more important than how it looks from the outside
  • Success is as much about mental calm and clarity as business strategy
  • You define what “success” means to you, not anyone else
  • Love, kindness, compassion, honesty and integrity are always the answer
  • If your compassion does not include Black people, POC, disabled people & LGBT people, it is incomplete
  • Feminism is just common sense
  • Rest does not need to be earned, and is as important as work
  • Comparison will get you nowhere - except to direct you back to your own path!
  • Women making money can be a tool for goodness, generosity, and humanity
  • Asking for help and admitting you cannot know everything is the key to success and lifelong learning
  • The support of a community that “gets” you is priceless
  • Pink lipstick, a strong coffee, a G&T, a good sleep, and a hug with a friend are almost always a good idea

The Breathe Like A Badass Anti-Racism Pledge

As owner of Breathe Like A Badass, I commit to:

  • Continuing to do the work of listening to, reading, and learning from Black people and POC and doing my own research to dismantle white privilege/supremacy/racism/white fragility
  • Speaking up online and IRL when I see or hear racist, bigoted or offensive views and do not let them slide
  • Consistently booking Black women and WOC on the #BreatheLikeABadass Podcast, and ensure Black, female and WOC writers are included as book choices in the #ReadLikeABadass Book Club
  • Making my community a safe space for Black people and POC to speak, be heard, and join
  • Asking how many non-white people are already booked as speakers on panels or workshops before I accept/pitch
  • Working to be aware of my privileges when teaching and guiding meditation and doing the work to understand the roots of the tradition I teach, and be sensitive to its ethics and history - and not just whitewashing it as a “productivity tool” or “calming technique”
  • Ensuring my marketing (photos, website) are representative and rightly diverse
  • Apologising publicly when I make a mistake around privilege, and being open to learning and doing better

As featured in...

As trained by (my credentials)...

Lodro Rinzler

Graduate of the online five-month Mindfulness Teacher Training programme led by Lodro Rinzler, Tibetan Buddhist, meditation teacher, co-founder of the New York meditation studios MNDFL, and author of six books including The Buddha Walks Into A Bar, Walk Like A Buddha, and How To Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People).

OMC Mindfulness

Graduate of the 8-week University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) programme, held in Oxford, UK. MBCT combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with mindfulness meditation. It is now prescribed by the National Health Service (NHS) as a treatment for depression.

The MOE Foundation

Graduate of the MOE Certified Coach Training Course, which is recognised by the UK Association for Coaching, and the Institute of Leadership & Management, Portsmouth University Business School. It teaches the skills needed to help direct people’s focus inward and enable them to reach their full potential.

Formal education

History MA (2009), University of Cambridge, UK.

Magazine Journalism MA, City University, London, UK (2013).

These didn't teach me to meditate, but they did teach me that it doesn't matter how hard you work, if you don't know how to love yourself on the inside, it will never be enough.

Ready to learn how to Breathe Like A Badass? 

If you’re ready to quieten your inner critic, beat overwhelm, self-doubt and overthinking - so you can get the calm, clarity, and self-belief you need to build a freedom-filled, successful and fulfilling life and business you love…
You're in the right place.

Want to know more? Ok! Here's my full story, no holding back.

Grab your fave coffee ☕, and get comfy! 

At the age of 21, fresh out of an incredibly-demanding university degree, I suddenly found myself in the big, bad world with almost zero emotional coping skills for when life got tough - except maybe chocolate and gin.

I had just started my first job as a journalist after months of stressful, unpaid internships, and I thought that this was gonna “be it”. This was what I’d been working so hard for all my life. I'd done everything "right". Surely, I’d be happy now!?

But when my 9-to-5 job didn’t make me happy, and my then-boyfriend left me, and none of my friends lived close by, and I suddenly had no idea what I was even doing with my life - I felt completely and utterly depressed, anxious, and stuck - and incredibly guilty. 

After all, I had a great life - everything anyone could want, didn't I? I was privileged and lucky. Who the hell was I to be depressed?

But my whole life, I’d been told that when things get tough, you should just work harder. And if things get REALLY difficult, maybe just have a glass (or three) of gin and tonic and try again tomorrow.

That was it. That was the extent of my emotional education. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good G&T. But that alone wasn’t gonna cut it.


Like so many ambitious, high-achieving women with a bag of university degrees, my whole life I’d just believed that I just needed to get my sh*t together, and be a little harder on myself.

If I just worked a little more, slept less, stayed at my desk a little longer, forced myself to keep going, ignored my feelings, and tried to mould myself into who I thought I “should be” - or who someone else told me I “should be” - I’d push through. Somehow, I’d succeed.

And it worked, until it didn’t. 

Barely a few years into my career, I found myself struck down with chronic depression, anxiety, panic, and zero ability to cope. 

I found myself sobbing on London buses, fantasising about jumping in front of a Tube train, failing at work, alienating colleagues, isolating from friends, and feeling as if I was always one negative comment, thought, bad day or email away from a panic attack.

It was, to put it mildly - Not. Good.

Then, at my absolute lowest point. I discovered meditation. Not to be dramatic, but it saved my life.

Suddenly, I had a tiny flicker of hope. Meditation, as far as I could see, told me that it was OK to be me. And that I was not the only one who had ever felt this way.

Instead of constantly working harder, I could just BE me. As I was, already. Talk about REVOLUTIONARY! My mind was blown - (almost) literally.

Suddenly, I knew that it was OK to stop, breathe for a minute, question all my negative thoughts, and not work all the hours to prove to myself I was good enough to exist.

I wish I could tell you everything changed right there. But nope, that would have been way too easy.

Because I still defined myself by my work - (*voiceover*: “Reader, this was a major error...”) - I still thought that all my problems would be solved if I just managed to quit my 9-to-5 job.

So I did just that.

Two degrees, five years, and a million anxiety attacks later, I found a freelance journalism role that allowed me to work from home, and I went for it. I started my own business on the side, too, for good measure (I started out doing relationship coaching, LOL).

But I soon realised that being your own boss doesn’t solve all your problems. Who knew?!

My anxiety, panic, comparison, depression, fear and negative inner critic were still there, only now they were even LOUDER, and came with a whole heap of freelance financial uncertainty, too. GREAT.

FINALLY, I realised what had been in front of me all along. The secret wasn’t what job I did, or where I worked, how hard I worked, or how great my life looked from the outside.

It was inside my own head. No external changes, successes, achievements, jobs or careers would ever be enough if I didn’t address the negative inner critic in my own mind.

I needed a way to deal with my negative thoughts, my panic, and my anxiety. A way to believe that I was good enough. Otherwise, I’d be right back where I was before.

Meditation was, and is, that way.

It’s the only thing I’ve ever found that consistently and reliably helps you to be on your own damn side.

To know that you’re OK, and good enough, no matter what.

To know that the key to a successful, happy life isn’t to beat yourself up mentally, or work longer hours, or try to force yourself to be or do something you hate, until you’re completely burned out.

It’s to learn to be kind to yourself, instead. So you can work from a place of clarity, focus, self-belief, kindness, and compassion - instead of anxiety, panic, comparison, negativity, and exhaustion. 

You can wake up everyday and know that you’re on your own side. You know who you are, what you love, and finally have the time, clarity, and self-belief to do what lights you up.

Truly, it’s no exaggeration to say that meditation saved my life - and transformed it, too.

Since realising that, I’ve gone on a decade-long quest to discover more about the science, history, roots, techniques, and teachings of mindfulness and meditation.


And now it's my mission to help ambitious-but-anxious women - and especially freedom-seeking, female entrepreneurs - to overcome their anxiety, second-guessing, constant self-doubt, negative inner critic, mental exhaustion and burnout... teaching you down-to-earth, scientifically-proven meditation techniques, so you can stock up your own emotional toolbox, and get the clarity, purpose and confidence you need to build a freedom-filled, successful and fulfilling life and business you love.


That's what it means to Breathe Like A Badass.

Ready to learn how to Breathe Like A Badass? 

If you’re ready to quieten your inner critic, beat overwhelm, self-doubt and overthinking - so you can get the calm, clarity, and self-belief you need to build a freedom-filled, successful and fulfilling life and business you love…
You're in the right place.